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As an expectant parent, you’ve probably researched everything – from car seats to cribs, breast pumps to daycare. But it's equally important to research the hospital where you’ll give birth. You can find information about C-section and episiotomy rates, for example, or how breastfeeding-friendly a hospital is. These and other considerations can influence the likelihood of having the kind of safe and healthy childbirth experience you want.

So welcome to ExpectNY! This site provides information about quality measures and other factors that affect maternity and newborn care. It also enables you to compare hospitals in New York City and Long Island on the basis of publicly-available data.

We hope the information here empowers you to have informed conversations with your doctor or midwife about your childbirth preferences and share any questions or concerns you might have. You can take greater control of your childbirth experience from a position of knowledge and confidence.


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